The Kabala Center

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Kabala Center

The Kabala Center is a sacred space filled with spirituality and love allowing quiet contemplation of your relationship with the Universe.

Kabala Center has gathered esoteric and spiritual knowledge
concerning G-d and the universe which for centuries has been reserved for a privileged few.

Kabbalah is the traditional mystical understanding of the cause of events
in the cosmos and the way G-d administers the existence of the universe.

Your first lesson

There are many different spellings of kabala

The most common include kabala, kabbalah, kabalah, qabalah and cabala.
Other variations include qabala, cabbala, kaballah, kabbala, kaballah, and qabbalah.

These variations occurred when Hebrew and Aramaic letters
were phonetically translated into Roman letters or English.

A more exact or scholarly transliteration, such as Kabala coexists
with a spelling that has been heavily Anglicized like Kabbalah.

Hebrew and Aramaic alphabets generally do not indicate or double consonants.
Spellings of kabala with one or two "b"s or two "l"s are all correct
although a single "b" or a single "l" more accurately reproduces the Hebrew.

For the same reason, you may find that Hebrew letters and words
may be spelled differently throughout the site.

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