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The Spiritual Parking Meter
Published by Kabala Center in The Spiritual Parking Meter • 3/16/2011 1:35:56 PM

I'm in South Florida for the next few weeks and, as is my habit, I walk on the beach every morning.

The city recently installed a new street parking system replacing individual meters with one master meter. Feed it money, buy some time, get a ticket and put it on your windshield.

Nothing unusual but today I looked at the master meter more closely. On top of the meter is a rectangle that contains a transmitter which sends a signal to a satellite to process your credit or debit card purchase.

24 hours a day, the meter sends its signal upward.

We should emulate the meter and send more signals into the heavens.

Right now, look up toward the sky and send a positive thought to G-d. Ask for something. Express how you feel. G-d is listening and the more you send your signals, the more you will be heard.

c. m.
I have thought the same. We must all connect with the Holy One as much as we can. It make a big difference. Thank you. I will follow.
15/03/2011 17.11.17
Joey Boim
We can't stop thinking but we can choose the thought. Positive thinking brings good and negative thinking brings bad. Good Lesson.
16/03/2011 15.23.04
You've an extremely wonderful blog. Most of the people don't realize what mind power can do for one's good.
16/03/2011 15.47.56