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I Sat At His Feet and Learned
Published by C. P. Bar Nam in I Sat At His Feet and Learned • 3/26/2011 8:22:44 PM

On Friday night, I sat at the feet of Daniel Matt.

Dr. Matt is the foremost Kabbalah scholar of the twenty first century. You might have seen him on the History Channel or read one of his books. He is the “rock star” of Kabbalah.

I was invited to a Friday Night Sabbath service at Temple Beth El of Hollywood by Dr. Barry Kaplowitz, a close family friend, a renowned psychiatrist and the benefactor of the streaming video religious services series at Temple Beth El. http://www.templebethelhollywood.org Dr. Matt was the scholar in residence.

On another website, http://www.numerologycentre.com, I discuss sitting at the feet of the enlightened and the brilliant, the shamans and the diviners. Last night, I was in the first row directly in front of Dr. Matt who spoke from the bimah (a raised platform). I literally sat at his feet and I learned.

His discussion focused on the Shekhinah, the feminine side of G-d. Did you know that the Ancient Kabbalists were the first feminists? You can learn more about the Shekhinah in our Concepts section.

Dr. Matt focused on a small point, the repetition of the word “et” in the Torah (Hebrew Bible). Et means nothing by itself. Grammatically, it marks the direct object. We know Et as A to Z in English. Christians know it as “I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last”.

Think of that, a word with no meaning that encompasses everything. Two little letters that mean everything.

The Spiritual Parking Meter
Published by Kabala Center in The Spiritual Parking Meter • 3/16/2011 1:35:56 PM