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Kabbalah and Sex

Kabbalah and Sex

Kabbalah and Sex

The surprising relationship
between Kabbalah and Sex

Sexual impulse is one of the most powerful spiritual forces.

When channeled through the spiritual Tree of Life, you can achieve higher states of consciousness. Hashem (the non-sacred name of G-d) commanded that the emotions and desires associated with sex should be used to seek the divine in a mystical transcendental plane.

For too long, organized religion suppressed sex and made it something sinful. People who experienced it without clerical approval or consent ( "marriage") would feel dirty and separated from the Divine.

It is time to transform our consciousness to go beyond the veil and discover that Hashem created sex to give us a taste of the Garden of Eden.

According to Kabala, desire is the core essence of a being human. We are made of desire. Desire is part of The Light. Desire fuels all human experience. You need only look at art, literature, music, scientific discovery and political revolution to see. Everything begins with the light of desire which yearns to be filled.

There is no deeper conductor or more powerful spiritual expression than our desire for sex.

This essential Kabbalistic truth is so important that it is worth repeating:

There is no deeper driver or more powerful spiritual expression than our desire for sex.


Our culture is obsessed with good sex. Unfortunately, the definition of sex in our society has more in common with sports than with spirituality. We consider orgasms as our artillery. We contemplate sexual conquests in the same way we followed the victories and defeats of our team.

You can fill an entire library with modern sex manuals that instruct us on how to have good sex. Of course, knowledge and skill are important in making love. Just as we need the power of words to express our ideas adequately; we need knowledge and skill in bed to express our passion.

But “How To” manuals and clinical studies include only one ingredient of the sexual recipe. Mastering the delicate and fine mechanics of sex is important but it is just that, mechanics.

It is true that our bodies are complicated pieces of organic machinery. We want them to work well but where are our souls?
A man may well be adept in the art of sexual mechanics and his lover may be able to accompany him at every turn but the seed of sexual pleasure is not purely physical. Ask any person in a long term relation.

Most of the pop gurus, cool magazines and sex therapists leave the ineffable human soul out of the sexual equation. However, it is the soul that animates our bodies and that propels each of our actions. It is the energy of the soul that can gives our lives greater meaning.

If one wishes to repress this energy, to partition it as something separate from sex, it can be done but it pulsates and permeates our whole being with a deep desire to connect with someone…. with something outside ourselves.

According to Kabbalah, eroticism and mystical excitement begins at the intersection of our heads, our hearts and our souls. When we are willing to expose our wholeness and focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of our partners, as well as their physical attractiveness, sex can be deeply intimate. When we become aware of the spiritual purpose and cosmic role that gender plays in the grand scheme of things, we are full of discovery and spiritual energy.


According to Kabala, sex has an electrically crackling power and intense energy which causes a heightened awareness. It is not enough just to get connected. Animals easily become physically aroused without any forethought. It takes practice to focus on and tune in.

A disconnected, out of tune partner absorbed in him or herself can only provide incomplete sex. It may sound like something small but reduced intimacy limits spiritual opportunities. A beautiful moment, blessed by Hashem, becomes hollow, predictable…. even boring. Like a bad reproduction of a masterpiece, it replicates the movement but lacks the vision and inspiration that elevated the original to greatness. Sex that is separate from our inner being and our lover keeps us from experiencing the spiritual connection that evoke a sense of Heaven on Earth.

Sex stuffed into television and print ads tries to evoke the real thing but it doesn’t succeed. Sexy mass marketing images fool us. It is no different than a parrot trained to imitate the voice of Ella Fitzgerald. It is a poor imitation and gross caricature of the original.

Most of the sex that we see around us is not sex at all. It's just business disguised in tight clothes.

Sensational sex happens when you begin to understand the purpose of creation, the origin of the soul, the sense of our lives, and the "erogenous zones" of the cosmos. The fundamental problem behind a poor sex life and bad relationships, according to Kabbalah, is that

We do not know:

· Who we really are
· From where we came
· Why men and women exist
· The structure of the cosmos
· The meaning and purpose of our lives
· The role of sex in the physical and metaphysical
· The tools necessary to generate sexual energy in our lives.

In Kabbalah, spiritual awareness and sex, Heaven and Earth are in constant interaction with one another. The upper and lower worlds are intimately connected, just as two lovers holding each other tightly.

Compare this, for a moment, with the way our popular culture deals with sex and desire. It’s there all the time, but in what context? Our culture is very frank about the curves of our naked bodies but sex is completely separate from our spiritual beings. It is treated as a purely physical pleasure, a sport or a vaguely sinful effort necessary for procreation.

This constant and direct relationship between the sacred upper world and everyday life is central to ancient mysticism.

According to Kabbalah, our lovemaking has infinite potential. It has the power to be profoundly significant. Kabbalah does not associate human sexuality with shame. A sensual kiss or a loving caress contains sparks of divine energy.
Consider the vivid and erotic Song of Songs. The mystics teach that cosmic truths can be found in the poem’s sensual imagery. Look at its depiction of lush lips with flavor as sweet as wine and love that flows like myrrh. Medieval Kabbalists agreed that this rich and lyrical text contains more secrets of the universe than any other work in the Scriptures.

For example, the verse, "I am my beloved and his desire is for me" is remarkably focused on the Zohar which is the foundation of Jewish mystical thought including commentary on the mystical aspects of the Torah (the Old Testament or the five books of Moses) as well as material on mysticism, mythical cosmogony and mystical psychology.

There is great strength and beauty in the way that kabalistic thought merges the cosmic and the carnal, the world of two lovers and the cosmos as a whole. Our hearts and souls are awakened with our bodies. On a macrocosmic level, Kabbalah tells us that the high region of the divine is awakened when our physical world awakens.

This wisdom reveals that our most intense moments of intimacy and eroticism reverberate across the Cosmos like a small stone thrown into still water which causes deep ripples that radiate away from the original point of impact.

The ancient sages tell us something quite extraordinary. They say that Kabalistic spiritual knowledge is the result of passion and substance. In other words, the Kabbalistic wisdom on sex and the meaning of life are both the very substance of material and energy. The intention behind this aspect of learning Kabbalah is to teach you how to have good sex through an understanding of the fundamental questions of life and awaken the primal forces of sexual energy that can enrich and give life to all its intimate moments. When this knowledge is deployed in your consciousness, the carnal forces of creation are called on during sexual activity. It is then that the spiritual world trembles with delight as divine pleasure rains on you and your partner.

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