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Kabbalah and the Birth of America

George Washington and Kabbalah

Kabbalah played an
important role
in the founding of the
United States

Many non-Jewish mystical organizations that arose in Europe in the early 1700’s were political groups that claimed to be Kabbalistic secret societies. They used covert methods to further their political agenda. The dictionary defines “cabal” as a group of conspirators. Sadly, Cabal comes from the word Kabbalah.

The Fraternal Order of Free and Accepted Masons played a major role in the founding of the United States through its vision of social justice taken directly from the Kabbalah. Freemasons say that their fraternity dates back to King Solomon's Temple. They also claim to have knowledge of Kabbalah.

Masonic usage of symbols permeates all aspects of their ritual. Symbols that represent the United States are full of Masonic subtleties and Masons say that their symbolism comes from Kabbalah but Masons did not limit their influence to words or concepts. The seals found on the Dollar Bill come from Kabbalah. The Great Seal contains many occurrences of the number thirteen. There were thirteen colonies that banded together to form the United States but those familiar with Jewish numerology know the real significance of the number thirteen. The founding fathers knew it also and it was no coincidence that the number of original states was thus thirteen.

A brief understanding of numerology is required. In Hebrew, numbers and letters are the same. In English we count 1, 2, 3 and say a, b, c. In Hebrew, the letters are the numbers. aleph (a) is 1, bet (b) is 2 etc. Ancient Jewish mystics believe that the Old Testament is a numerical code containing great hidden secrets. Hebrew numbers have great mystical significance. Thirteen is the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew word “echad” which means “one”. The primary prayer of the Jewish people is “Hear Oh Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is One” (echad). 13 is also the numerical value for the Hebrew word “love” (ahava).

The US was founded on “July the Fourth” which is a date is spelled with 13 letters in the year ‘76: 7+6=13.

The Great Seal of the United States is filled with Kabbalistic references to 13. There are thirteen leaves and thirteen berries or olives in the eagle’s right talon. 13+13=26. 26 is the numerical value of one of G-d’s holy names (YHWH) where the Hebrew letters Yud (Y) = 10, Hey (H) = 5, Vav (W) = 6 and Hey (H) = 5 add up to 26. There are thirteen arrows in the eagles left talon. With the number 26 concealed in the right talon and the number 13 in the left, there is a secret Kabbalistic message contained in the Great Seal, “the L-rd (26) is one (13)”.

The right wing of the eagle has thirty-two feathers. This number holds great Kabbalistic significance. The first letter of the Torah (Old Testament) begins with the Hebrew letter Bet (b), which equals 2 and the last letter is Lamed (l), which equals 30. Thirty two is the number equivalent of the Hebrew word for “heart” (lev )

In the ancient Kabbalistic text, Sefer Yetzirah, we learn that the universe was created using 32 paths of wisdom. These 32 paths are the ten spheres of Divine Emanation (sefirot) and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These bare the heart (lev=32) of the universe and of the new country. On the left wing of the eagle, there are 33 feathers. Thirty three is important to Mason because their highest rank is the thirty third degree. If we add the entire number of feathers, we have the number 65 which is another Kabbalistic message, the name of the L-rd. G-d is often referred to as Ad-nai in the Old Testament and is numerically equal to 65. Aleph (a) = 1, Dalet (d) = 4, Nun (n) = 50 and Yud (y) = 10. Thirteen stars are above the eagle’s head but the thirteen stars are in the shape of the six pointed Star of David. The stars are arranged in rows of one, four, three, four and one. “E Pluribus Unum” is spelled with thirteen letters.

The Kabbalistic significance of these symbols cannot be denied but it is in the reverse of the great seal where even greater and more subtle secrets are revealed. As a single figure, the triangle represents the number 34, and the eye is equal to the Hebrew letter Ayin or 70. The triangle and the eye together equal 73, the numerical value of the Hebrew word Chochmah (Wisdom). Seventy three is also related to the letter gimel (g m l) which is equivalent to the English letter “G”, the symbol of the Masons. The eye in the triangle represents overshadowing wisdom that is the symbol of Heavenly wisdom.
The pyramid is a triangle, a geometric shape with three sides that is equal Hebrew letter gimel. “G” stands for G-d, or gimel, which when spelled out numerically equals the numerical value of the Hebrew word for wisdom. Thus the symbol representing the Mason means wisdom.

The eagle on the Great Seal is believed to resemble a phoenix, a mythical bird in the Old Testament. “I will live as long as the Phoenix” (Job 29:18). The majority of drawings submitted for the Great Seal were actually of the phoenix and not of an eagle. The phoenix represents rebirth or resurrection. It is the symbol of universal good.

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