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The Concepts


Shekhinah is the majestic presence of G-d among us. Kabbalists view her as the channel through which Divine Light passes into the world.

In the Zohar, Shekhinah is G-d’s face turned toward creation. She is the life force that underlies the laws of nature.

Kabbalists teach us that the spark of Divine energy is active and dominant above. This energy has a male polarity. Shekhinah is the feminine polarity of G-d. Her energy is passive and must be energized through our the performance of mitzvot (commandments). We alone bring out the potential of Shechinah's hidden energy in our lives. We "draw her down" by the observing and keeping the commandments and asking to be imbued with "her" as the guiding edge of our Souls.

Pray for Shekhinah to surround you and guide you.

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