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If you reached this page,
you have seen the value
we provide to those who
seek truth and knowledge

  • We provide full texts of the sacred books.
  • We educate novices and advanced students.
  • We comment on current issues in Kabala.
  • We invite everyone to learn and participate.
  • We have monthly raffles with valuable prizes.

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Maintaining a website is expensive but we have a win, win, win proposition that won't cost a dime or a minute of time

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We have a
win, win, win proposition that won't cost you a dime or an extra minute of your time!

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The Kabala Center is an Affiliate. Amazon pays a commission to its affiliates whenever someone purchases any product using a link on the affiliate's webpage.

When you
buy something from Amazon using our link, The Kabala Center will receive between 4% and 6% of your total purchase as an affiliate commission...for whatever you buy on their site.


We only ask that you click through to Amazon using The Kabala Center as your starting point. It's that simple!

What makes this a win, win, win proposition?

Win #1 – Charity

We will donate 18% (36% until July 25, 2011) of the full commission we receive resulting from your purchases to Colel Chabad, the largest charity in Safed, in the Galilee.

The ancient mystics foretold that the city of Safed will play an important role in the final redemption. The Messiah will come from Safed on his way to Jerusalem. The great Kabalists scholars gathered at Safed in the Galilee to codify the teachings and build the elaborate system of theosophical learning that we study here.

But many of the people of Safed are poor.

Safed's oldest charity dates back to 1788, when Rabbi Schneur Zalman, the founder of the Chabad Lubavitch Hassidic movement, directed his followers to establish Colel Chabad which provides food and other social programs for needy families and individuals. Rabbi Schneur Zalman assured his followers that anyone who contributes to Colel Chabad will be rewarded in heaven. This is an
unannounced a 4th win. Through the years, hundreds of thousands charitable people have allowed Colel Chabad to grow into one of the largest Jewish charities in the world.

Learn more at or

Win #2 - You

You support worthy a like-minded organization without spending an extra penny or an extra minute of your time. You are shopping and contributing at the same time.

Win 3 - All of Us

The Kabala Center receives the balance of commission to keep this site running and improving. You help us to do that also.

We thank you.

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