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What is Kabbalah?

If a picture is worth
a 1000 words
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Your second lesson

Tikkun Olam
Our primary job is to repair the world

The infinite Creator contracted, yes contracted, to make room for creation. He deposited a small portion of his Divine Light into vessels to fashion the world. Some of these vessels shattered and their broken pieces became trapped within the material of creation. These broken pieces contained evil.

Adam was formed to restore order but he sinned and could not complete his task. As a result, both good and evil remain in our world today. It is our job to repair the world.

To complete our purpose in this world, we must perform daily spiritual acts, kind deeds, maintain positive thought, pray and contemplate the various aspects of the Divinity through the study of Kabala. Our actions will finally separate what is holy from what is unholy.

If we accomplish our task, we will return to a world before the great disaster and we will be elevated to a special place free from the troubles many of us face today.

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